Returning Phone Calls

Over a month ago I began leaving messages for a call back about a matter regarding a small investment fund.  This person handles a small investment, is building two items I am purchasing, and providing a service we need to be done on our property.   Three different services.

I initially began calling in mid to late March (for the 2 items we ordered) but started leaving messages in mid-April about the investment (important).  I went to the office in a building shared by another company we deal with and 2 or three times I was there, mentioning that I’m trying to contact Mr X.

The last time I was at that building, he happened to walk in as I was speaking with someone at the doorway of the other business.  I turned and said something along the lines that I’ve been trying to get a hold of him for a month … the two of them laughed; I didn’t because not returning a clients phone calls is unprofessional and not funny in the least.  Anyway, on this occasion, he only laughed and said nothing at all then retreated into the other office without saying anything.

This rant has two purposes:
1. I found the 2 items he was building for us, on sale at a local hardware store.  I can get both for the price I was paying this guy for one.  Should I just buy these items or wait to see if this guy calls me back?  And, what if I buy them and he calls me back in a week or 2 and tells me he has the items ready?  … do I just say, sorry I couldn’t get a hold of you and went ahead and bought them somewhere else?

2. Should I continue my dealings with him or move to another investment firm?


Author: HomeFlower