Selfies are Ridiculous


No more selfies!  Good grief, I am so tired of going to any social media site and seeing a gazzillion pictures of selfies.

Some try to be sneaky about it by pretending they have a legitimate question to ask because they just don’t know which one to select and need your help – poor things! “look at my new sunglasses, which ones should I wear?”  This is usually followed by a series of pictures marked with voting identifiers and you comment your selection.

Or the compliment phishers.
“I look awful in this picture, UGHHHH!
This usually prompts the friends and followers to come to the ego-rescue with page-upon-page of compliments.

I want to see my friends but I’m really tired of this narcissistic behaviour and feeling like I have to like and comment on the pictures or deal with the bruised ego and interrogation that follows.


Author: HomeFlower

3 thoughts on “Selfies are Ridiculous

  1. I’m glad the era of the ‘duck face’ selfie is gone. I always thought those pictures in particular were silly. I had some good friends that did it all the time.

    It is usually obvious when the selfie is phishing for a compliment. I get it.