People Who Don’t Follow-Through On Promises

I posted that we’re looking for volunteers on my business page and as expected, received some resumes.

Going forward, I picked a guy for one of the wards because he’s already on my Facebook friend list (even though I don’t really know him).
Sent him a note saying basically, hey congratulations bla bla bla and heard nothing back.
Then I added him as an editor on the page and waited a couple of days; still heard nothing.
Then… he removed himself from the page.

This is a guy who wrote to me more than once about speaking at one of the networking meetings.   He also wanted to discuss ‘business’ – whatever idea he had.  Good thing I never booked him for anything or volunteered any information, because he doesn’t seem very reliable and doesn’t follow-through.

People are strange and some are very motivated when they’re behind the keyboard but not so much when it comes to the real world.  So the bottom line is, one shouldn’t apply or volunteer for something at night if they’re going to regret it the next morning.  🙁


Author: HomeFlower