Charges for Store Bags

It is becoming very prevalent to charge for the bags to carry your purchases home. Now I know that I can I can take a reusable bag but I don’t always remember. So I am forced to pay for each bag that my goods require.

Once upon a time these bags were given to shoppers as a convenience. Someone then got the idea that “hey if we put our logo and store name on these bags, then when people are carrying them, others will see the name and hopefully trigger the urge to shop here”.

So now here we are. We go and shop at these stores. We pay their prices which have a markup for profit. Then we pay for bags with their name/logo on them and help them to advertise as we walk home with our purchases. How long will it be before they won’t allow competitors reusable bags in their stores? Will we have to buy their reusable bags, which will also have their name/logo on them.

Some people say to me “come on, it’s only a nickel”. Well if you want me to buy bags, have bags that are generic. I don’t want to PAY YOU TO ADVERTISE FOR YOU!


Author: Martin

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2 thoughts on “Charges for Store Bags

  1. I have reusable bags and keep forgetting to bring them in the store with me so, at the checkout counter, I’m one of those suckers who pay to advertise for the stores by buying bags.